Oneness House is an International spiritual development and growth center for those beings who wish to heal and ascend while on this planet.  We prepare and activate divine humans for the next steps in their soul evolution and return to the Divine.  Oneness House provides the environment for Whole-Being healing on the physical, mental, emotional, causal, astral, and spiritual levels.  Oneness House is a place of teaching, meditation, cleansing, re-birth, resurrection, ascension, anointing, transmutation, transformation and adaptation.  Many earthly and Cosmic Masters, Healers, Guides, and Teachers work individually or in teams with those who choose to use our services.


We are located on sacred ground on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, but our services reach around the globe and into the cosmos. Oneness House Kauai is networked with geographic locations around the world for optimum availability, comfort, convenience and specificity.  


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