What is Oneness House?

Why the Name?

 My definition of “Oneness” is that all beings, people, animals, plants, all the elements of earth and the cosmos are sparks of the Source/God/The Divine, or any name you have for


I prefer LOVE as well.

Oneness House is a place of togetherness and unity, allowing those of all faiths and beliefs to experience love and light, thereby becoming the crystalline (Christed) God/Goddess light-beings that they are. All persons, plants, and animals are assisted in their soul growth if they actively seek it with a contribution of equal value.

 Oneness House is a healing place where one can stay for short or long periods of time—whatever is necessary at that time for that being.  Restful and nourishing facilities are available in the Healing House for healing and transformation. 

Oneness House provides services on premises and travels to client sites.  Services include presentations, workshops, leading discussion groups, guiding spiritual journeys, and healing clinics for individuals and groups.

A little about Cynthia

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