A Decision of Vision:

From Corporate Witch to Healer

Why “Corporate Witch to Healer?”  Cynthia professionally lived in the corporate environment for 22 years with responsibilities of global sales, marketing, training and consulting.  She transitioned to healing work when a psychic asked her to join her staff as a healer.  Not knowing what a healer did, or how to be one, she trusted the psychic’s judgment, as she was quite well known.  After studying and experiencing many modalities, and going on two spiritual journeys to Hawaii, she opened “Oneness House—A Spiritual Spa” in Colorado.  She manifested a move to paradise, Kauai, in 2004.

Cynthia has a B. S. in Mathematics, a Masters in Education, and is a Doctor of Divinity.  She works with divine spiritual energy to assist her clients on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  She also works with children, the land, animals, plants, and does corporate healing consulting.

Taking BOLD steps with NO FEAR, Cynthia Piano is living in her paradise and offers her experience and skills in healing and spiritual connection to assist you in creating yours.  Ignoring all the naysayers that Hawaii was too expensive, and that nobody knew what “healing” was beyond our western medicine view, Cynthia sold her house in Colorado, left the corporate world, and moved her whole being to Kauai.

“I do not profess to have accomplished it all, but I will share with you what I have learned so far that has transformed my life.  This is a “living experiment” and a journey that I travel every day, 24/7—even when I am asleep.  I am learning more and more to live in the NOW, and I have a powerful experienced skilled multi-dimensional spirit and planet earth team to assist me—and so do you!”

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