Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

I invite you to wake up your company and create new patterns of success with Oneness House!  Combine your business model with the power of the Oneness House skills of traditional business processes, healing, and spiritual connection.  Guide your dynamic business into areas of peace, harmony, joy, abundance and prosperity like never before!

Oneness House uses unique powerful methods that are ahead of the times in business consulting.  Discovering your business’ positive energy flow, and focusing on ways to increase it within your business environment delivers immediate, penetrating and long lasting results!

Contract Cynthia and her staff to customize and deliver a 1-3 day workshop at your location or in Hawaii.  Content and deliverables are far exceeded by the experienced results created by your employees, suppliers, and customers.

 Cynthia delivered many professional presentations, lead many workshops, and taught many classes for companies such as IBM, EDS, and Microsoft.  She consulted many large and small businesses on strategy and organization.  Her clients consistently valued her integrity and ability to design and negotiate a balanced solution for all.

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