Why the Name?

The name was revealed to me when I was washing the sand of a lovely Kapaa beach from my feet.  ONENESS HOUSE—BING—there it was—the name I had been asking for!

When I was twenty, I went to the Soviet Union, that was what Russia and the other independent countries that surround it was called back then.  I was looking for the things that made us “the same,” not the differences that kept us apart as “enemies.”  What I found were a sometimes stern people that were gentle, compassionate, and generous at heart when they opened their hearts to you.  That was my first experience of Oneness.  Well, it has been over thirty years since then, and my life has propelled me into a strong ACTION—to create a way to deliver the message of Oneness, or Love, to all who choose to hear it.

Today the “House” and “Spiritual Spa” exists in my heart and the hearts of  those who encounter me.  Oneness House is manifested by my healing services that are offered.  Oneness is achieved by uniting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the divine human.


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