The Presentation/Workshop

Hear a message of empowerment allowing you to experience your birthright to create in love, joy, and peace.  Utilizing presentation and interactive activities, Cynthia uses the Hawaiian “talk story” technique to EDUCATE and ACTIVATE you to transform your reality into your self-made paradise.  In a short period of time you will experience a “new way of being” that you can carry with you on a daily basis to your home, place of work, and out to the world.

Ease and comfort are a way of life---believe it!

The JUICE of this experience is channeled for the distinct benefit of those who compose the audience.  All presentations are unique.  There is no agenda or content in advance.  Our time together is a lesson of "being in the (K)NOW!


 The presentations/healing and meditations powerfully assist those present to experience what they individually create with me and the beings of light that

join us!

As the planet and its beings transform, my gift is to assist them in their paths.  The perfect information/feeling/experience is transmuted and integrated by all.

I have been told that my methods and processes are two years ahead.  All that have experienced my healings and presentations have been "profoundly moved"--or so they tell me!

Cynthia welcomes you, your children and your pets (Yes, this is ONENESS, with the permission of the host) to this enlightening experience.


Oneness House invites YOU to


BREATHE in the Christed energies of peace, love and joy!

Oneness House invites YOU to

Experience the gentle power of healing

 To go within, and “be” in the high vibrations of Oneness.


"A celestial family is available to you—Ones that have been with you since before time."

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